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Happy 3rd Birthday, Mika!


I wasn’t exactly looking for another dog when Mika came into our lives but my husband was.  He was sick and tired of me hoarding all of the dogs and he wanted a puppy of his own to train and work without my interference.  I had suggested a few litters but nothing that spoke to him until our good friend Howard asked if we would be interested in one of his puppies – which I had secretly been watching because I loved the father of the litter.  We jumped at the chance.

The rest is history.  He got his sport dog (even if she’s not gotten a whole heck of a lot of titles just yet – she’s just a baby after all…or I’d like to think so still!) and we got one helluva wonderful dog that the nieces and nephews absolutely adore, is a good representative of the breed and has drive with an off switch.  She truly is an amazing girl and has made us so proud with even the small amount of accomplishments she’s had so far (with many plans on the horizon!).

We’re proud of our baby girl and everything that she can and will accomplish over the many, many years we will have with our little minx.  Happy birthday, baby girl!  Here is to many, many more years together (but can you please stop lifting your leg like a boy?! Haha!).

Wordless Wednesday: Pit Bull On A Boat (Chicago Edition)


Hello from Chicago!  We know it’s Wordless Wednesday and the dogs, husband and I are on vacation in the beautiful city of Chicago (check back for updates when we get back into town!) and Ryker wanted to check in with a photo from his fun trip on the Shoreline River Cruise boat, the Cap Streeter.  Hope you are all enjoying your summer time – we sure are!

The River Trail & Marsh Trail

Being on vacation for a couple of weeks has allowed for some exploration of local hiking trails.  We proudlakestaterec-rivertrail-july2013-5806much prefer the state parks because they allow for more freedom on dirt hiking trails for us and the dogs but we’ve been known to hit a few metroparks as well. This time around, we had decided to scope out Proud Lake State Recreation.  We’d opted for the River Trail which is rated as easy despite the 5.75 mile loop it boasts and ended up doing a combination of the River Trail and Marsh Trail due poor trail markings from construction/maintenance going on.

We went on an early morning and a week day hoping to avoid some of the more prominent crowds with the 4th of July celebrations that were set to be on their way in just a couple of short days and we weren’t disappointed.  We saw a group of hikers on our way in and one gentleman with a very rude Labrador while out on the trails but other than that, it was pretty peaceful.  Mika and Ryker enjoyed romping ahead of us a bit and were good about checking in and returning when we asked because of a human or canine visitor approaching.  (It’s a pet peeve of mine to be rushed by rude dogs and I make sure my crew follows the same etiquette I’d want from other hikers with their dogs who are on or off leash but that’s a tale for another time.)proudlakestaterec-rivertrail-july2013-5821

The sights and sounds of this particular trail were pretty amazing.  We saw a variety of wildlife from the usual cottontail rabbits and deer to a few amphibians (leopard and bullfrogs) and snakes.  The dogs were particularly enthralled with a juvenile garter snake that slithered right across our path since neither had really experienced one that up close and personal before.

The dam on the trail was amazing as well.  There was a nice wooded dock-type area that had a shallow area that the dogs enjoyed splashing about in half way through our walk.  This enabled them to cool down as well as us while watching a few kids leap into the water.

All in all, it was a very fun day and I took a LOT of photos (all of which can be seen here).  The trails weren’t as well marked as we’d hoped but it was worth wandering and getting slightly lost.  Now that we have a more accurate map, we’ll be hitting that trail again in the future and hoping to do the entire length instead of only 3 miles of it.