Howard’s WMK Gunslinger Girl



Mika was born on July 18, 2010 and is from Howard and Beth Burgess of Howard’s Working APBTs. Her breeders are the most amazing people and focus all of their efforts on breeding better working APBTs and AmStaffs. The nicest thing about Mika coming from them is the fact that she has a lot of the working traits already in her and shows amazing promise in Schutzhund and weight pull at the young age of nine months.

We have a laundry list of goals with her – including finishing her conformation titles and a massive list of working goals that include a BH, IPO1, weight pull titles in various registries, obedience, agility and much, much more. Mika puts the ‘Z’ in zoom when she learns because she soaks up everything we ask of her so incredibly quickly that she’s thirsting for more knowledge in a matter of milliseconds. She’s flat out incredible.

The working characteristics that she has built in her, along with the physical abilities that come from her terrier body, astound people when they meet her. We often get “There’s no way she’s a pit bull! Look at those ears!” but we have to tell people that she is, indeed, an APBT and that she is a conformation champion in the UKC ring – a feat we didn’t expect to occur in her nine short months of life. That being said, I can’t even begin to thank Howard and Beth enough for this little girl. She is the light of me and my husband’s life and has some big paws to fill too!

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