Happy 3rd Birthday, Mika!


I wasn’t exactly looking for another dog when Mika came into our lives but my husband was.  He was sick and tired of me hoarding all of the dogs and he wanted a puppy of his own to train and work without my interference.  I had suggested a few litters but nothing that spoke to him until our good friend Howard asked if we would be interested in one of his puppies – which I had secretly been watching because I loved the father of the litter.  We jumped at the chance.

The rest is history.  He got his sport dog (even if she’s not gotten a whole heck of a lot of titles just yet – she’s just a baby after all…or I’d like to think so still!) and we got one helluva wonderful dog that the nieces and nephews absolutely adore, is a good representative of the breed and has drive with an off switch.  She truly is an amazing girl and has made us so proud with even the small amount of accomplishments she’s had so far (with many plans on the horizon!).

We’re proud of our baby girl and everything that she can and will accomplish over the many, many years we will have with our little minx.  Happy birthday, baby girl!  Here is to many, many more years together (but can you please stop lifting your leg like a boy?! Haha!).

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