Caragan’s Velvet Revolver



Lyric was born on December 12, 2007 and is from Caragan Kennel in Snohomish, Washington. She joined our family on February 18, 2008 after spending a few days with her brother, Simon, and his new owners after they were gracious enough to fly him and her back together from Washington. I’m still eternally grateful to Paul and his wife for helping me out and bringing her here and to Cheryl Caragan for giving me a laughing moment at any given time in the day when I look at Lyric and her antics.

Lyric is only just now starting her career in dog sports since we focused on finishing her in conformation. She finally obtained her United Weight Puller (UWP) title and has begun the steps to work on her obedience titles and other titles in the future.  She was a late bloomer and has finally begun to get the focus she needs to do dog sports like her ‘brother’, Ryker, and ‘sister’, Luna, with a little help from us.

She was, unfortunately, spayed due to pyometra in March 2012.  It was not a something we took lightly as she is a phenomenal example of the breed and a shame that she is unable to carry on in future generations.  We hope that, despite this fact, she is still able to give light to what a phenomenal dog she is with or without her uterus and we are very glad that she survived and is still with us today (since untreated pyometra is fatal in dogs).


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