Howard’s WMK Counting Stars



Orion was born on August 24, 2013 and is from Howard and Beth Burgess of Howard’s Working APBTs.  We are so incredibly happy to have a second dog from such an amazing breeder who is knowledgeable, down-to-earth and has the breeds best interests for its future at heart.  We are grateful in that we had a puppy who was tested for various drives and working potential before we even had a chance to meet him to give him the best footing for whatever venue we aim to work in.

We have a massive list of ideas and goals in mind for the young man as he grows.  He will have some big paws to fill being, hopefully, Ryker’s protege’ in all things dog sports.  We would like to title in both conformation (UKC/ADBA/AADR) and any working sport he enjoys – especially if it involves weight pull and, possibly, Schutzhund.  He is so incredibly smart and happy to work, there is no doubt that he will become all that and then some.

This incredible little black and white heathen has drive for days.  He will do anything for a flirtpole or a ball.  He is a food whore to the millionth degree.  Combine that with his incredible intelligence and we’ve gone one heck of a little dog on our hands – now, if only he’d grow up slow enough for to enjoy his boyish charms!

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