I never thought I’d be a pit bull person. Never.  I always saw myself owning a Northern breed or a herding breed.  It all changed when I met my first pit bull many years ago.  I have been hooked into the breed since then.  Their charisma, tenacity, adoration and zest for life is what drew me in.  These dogs, as a breed, have been through so much hell in their creation since it was based solely on the evolution of dog-on-dog combat that evolved into something so much more three dimensional and utilitarian. It is absolutely amazing the inner strength and people friendly temperament.

That being said, the thoughts in here are mine.  My thoughts evolve with time, learning and experience.  My thoughts, biases and knowledge will change and evolve over time and this, my fellow readers, is a good thing since it allows for growth and development with time.  I do, however, hope you enjoy my blog and it brings something good with my experiences and failures in life to you and yours.

If you take anything from my blog in regard to my dogs, I hope it is knowledge in what they truly are and not what they are perceived to be by the irrationalities of many.  The realization that it isn’t just how a dog is raised or how a dog is bred, but a direct combination of the two.  These dogs are not the breed for everyone and they do not belong in every home.  Some deserve a blessed release across the Rainbow Bridge and some will get that even if it isn’t merited.  It is a time of turmoil in our breed and a time to learn and open our hearts to shed the biases of many and bring light to those who have fallen victim to both breed specific legislation and the immoral and incorrect ownership and stewardship of these dogs by far too many people.

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