Wolf Moon’s Luna Eve



Luna is the eldest in our groups of monsters…I mean dogs.  She was born on May 21, 2003 in a scummy neighborhood in Flint to a “breeder” who shouldn’t even hold the title to producing such a fantastic little girl.  Luna is undeniably my heart dog.  She’s known from the beginning if something is amiss with me or I’m not quite feeling ‘right’.  She is certainly not bashful about letting me know these things either!

Luna came to us without even the thought of being anything more than a beloved pet.  She’s proved, in her many years with us, to be so much more than that.  On top of being a phenomenal partner, she enjoys weight pulling and dock diving. We’ve often joked that she was a Labrador in a former life with her exuberance for water. She takes to anything I ask of her without even so much as a bat of the eyelashes like she’s been doing it her whole entire life – even if it is the first time she’s trying something. She is my princess, through and through.

We recently memorialized her and got married on her ninth birthday as a tribute to everything that she has done not only for us, but to those whose lives she has touched with her kind soul.  This dog is one of the key reasons that I have fallen head over heels for this breed. We couldn’t have asked for a better ambassador of the breed and as mine and my husband’s ‘first dog’ as a young, growing couple.  She has truly been a blessing in every little thing she’s done in her life with us.

Luna is the dog that started this whole mess and as the days go on and she gets older, I’m reminded of the fact that she has and always will be the best thing that happened to me and showed me what it was to love the American Pit Bull Terrier.

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