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Happy Belated Birthday, Luna!

Oh, wow!  Where has the time gone?  I have been so swamped with getting things done around here  since I have been granted a few weeks off from work that I’ve hardly even touched the blog except to respond to comments and keep updated on the Facebook page that I failed to upload the post in celebration of Luna’s 11th birthday!  Bad, bad dog Mom!  Well, it’s a couple weeks late but here it goes.


luna-cobo2013-6916It’s hard to believe that eleven years have passed since this little red brindle bundle we named Luna was blessed into our lives.  She showed us the true and utter devotion in what the American Pit Bull Terrier truly stood for in life.  She, even at her age, shows that zest and love of life even on the rare day that she is a bit stiff from over exerting herself in her quest for adventure.

She has been my guiding light in my darkest hour, the bearer of all things bright and beautiful and a whole gigantic portion of my heart that I didn’t know existed until I knew a young dog’s absolute and utter adoration.  Luna has taught so many lessons and broken so many stereotypes that it’s hard to remember on many days that she is canine and not aluna-noviexpo2011-291 small furry human being with all seeking wonderment in her eyes for whatever the day’s adventures may hold.

Without Luna, I wouldn’t have married my best friend.  She helped cement that bond and because of it, we chose to marry on her birthday so that it would be a day that was always remembered even after she had long crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  She has been there with us through thick and thin while we fought to find ourselves and become what we are – with our large family of seven dogs.

Luna is a teacher and by far the best one I’ve ever known.  She never judges and always is there ready to try something new.  I truly don’t know what I or my husband would do without her.  She is our foundation.  She is our shelter from the storm of life and we are both blessed to celebrate another phenomenal year with her sharing our beds, couches and our hearts and hope to have many, many more years to come with our beloved little redhead and her never say never attitude.

Happy 10th Birthday, Luna!


It’s seriously hard to believe that my sweet little monster has finally hit the double digits but it’s true.  While I struggle to face the reality that my heart and soul, my partner in crime and the biggest reason I’m so enamored with the American Pit Bull Terrier is getting up there in age, she seems to not have bothered to notice – unless, of course, I’ve missed her evening goodie before bedtime.  We just can’t have that!  Imagining her as a “senior” dog is really hard to believe when she continues to run the house with an iron paw and gallops around the yard like a yearling colt.  This gal has seriously got everyone she meets wrapped around her little paw and the older she gets the better she gets at accomplishing it.

Later today (after I actually go to bed), we’ll be hitting all of her favorite places to pick out some extra special goodies.  She’ll get to pick out as many toys as she could possibly desire and we will spend the day together with a trip to a fast food restaurant for some junk food and some ice cream to follow.  She seems to know because she’s been badgering me even more today than usual.

She turned 10 years old, right?  Can someone explain that to her?

I truly owe it to Luna, though, to celebrate her for the absolutely amazing dog that she is.  She’s truly been that once in a million dog.  Never did I expect to have this absolutely beautiful and incredibly intelligent little beast in my home.  There are many days I don’t feel I deserve her kindness and unerring loyalty.  She’s been there with us through thick and thin and given us the hope that only the love of a loyal dog can give.  To imagine my life without her (or any of my other beloved dogs) would be to rip my soul from my body and cease to exist because it is far too painful to even consider.

Thank you, my love.  I hope to spend many, many more years with you.  While I thought you needed me, the reality of the matter is I needed you even more.   Happy 10th birthday, Luna-girl.  Here’s to eternity.  I love you.