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Ryker was born on July 11, 2006.  He was bred by Friefly Kennel and is from a litter of five – two sisters and two brothers – but he is sadly the only survivor in the litter due to some unforeseen and tragic circumstances.  Despite those circumstances, he has gone above and beyond any expectations we started with and continues to amaze me at every step of the way.

Ryker has never met a challenge that he’s not willing to overcome.  When I got him, I never expected to do many of the things I’ve been able to do thus far.  He was the puppy I had watched from the time he was born but I never knew that he’d become the puppy I needed more so than just wanted.  Ryker and I have overcome hurdles that, when they originally happened, I had felt were impossible.  He never quit trying. He has given me a whole new sense of willingness to just try even if I’m worried about failing.

Ryker led me to first his UKC Championship at ten months old to his Grand Championship almost four years later after being repeatedly told it would never happen.  During that uphill battle, we accomplished many other titles including every single UKC-offered weight pull title, URO1 (rally obedience) and many other titles and accolades in other registries and venues.  He’s only a handful of points away from becoming the second dog in the rag tag band of happy dogs from Work-A-Bull to be conformation titled in three (maybe four if we do the IABCA shows one of these days!) venues.

I still have a laundry list of plans for Ryker in the competitive field still including (but definitely not limited to) completing his UCD (United Companion Dog) since we have one leg already and perhaps upper level obedience titles, UAG1 (United Agility 1), Schutzhund BH (perhaps his IPO1 if I’m daring), ADBA Ace (weight pull) and perhaps some dock diving and lure coursing titles as well (since he is totally in love with chasing the “bunny”).   Maybe I’m dreaming, but I think we can do it as a team.  We started from the bottom and he’s been my strength to reach the top.  Perhaps, one day, we’ll reach that goal of UKC Super Dog and beyond.

There is truth in the statement of not always getting the dog you want but always getting the dog you need and while I had him pegged from the beginning, he truly was the dog I needed.

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