Wolf Moon’s Don’t Count Me Out

 Crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 28, 2014


Gus was adopted from the Friends of the River Rouge Animal Shelter on September 23, 2013 after spending seven days waiting for his former owners to claim him after he’d been picked up on the streets by the Animal Control Officer.  He was covered in bite wounds, had a severe ear infection in both ears and a bacterial infection over his body.  To be honest, he looked like crap and had the pathetic senior dog face down pat.

Gus, then Pugsley, was estimated to be between 12-13 years old.  He came to us with joint issues, his skin and ear infections and the fact that he is a unilateral cryptorchid.  He also has mild separation anxiety and gets very upset when he is left alone or our other crew is getting attention from us as if he won’t get any ever again.

He’s here to stay.  He will never be counted out.  He will continue to succeed and learn to know what living as a beloved companion truly is.  This old man is worth thousands of tears of frustration and anguish for the trials he has faced and the tons of love he has shown and we will happily share back.

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