Cooking with Dogs: Pineapple Melon Frosty Paws

Even though it’s a winter wonderland outside it’s time for another experiment in the kitchen. The last recipe, Melon Mango Pineapple Frosty Paws, was such a hit that we decided to mix it up and do a little variation on it.  This time we didn’t add the mango or the yogurt so it would be a simply fruity (with a pinch of coconut and honey!) concoction.

My helper dogs had all abandoned me this time because they were all holding down the couch and perfecting the term ‘lazy’ so I had a go of this on my own with no taste testers.  I had to pray it would turn out right for their spoiled rotten doggie selves (which I shouldn’t have feared because it was a hit when they finally got to try them).

Without the hustle and bustle of having a dog (or three!) underfoot in the kitchen, I knocked this one out pretty fast.  I had bought a pretty large watermelon and cut it up the night before so I only needed to cut up the pineapple into smaller pieces than the chunks I had bought before being able to combine the ingredients all together into the blender.  (My blender would like to mention that I’ve been abusing it since I discovered dog treat recipe!)

It was another simple and tasty recipe that definitely made the pups drool for more, but I know what you’re waiting for – the recipe.  Here you go!


–          8-10 pieces of pineapple

–          10-15 pieces of watermelon (or any melon, actually)

–          2 tsp. shredded, unsweetened coconut

–          1 tsp. honey (we used organic)


–          Combine pineapple and watermelon into blender.

–          Add the shredded coconut to the mix.

–          Add the honey into the mix.

–          Blend until the consistency of a smoothie.

–          Pour into molds and put into freezer for 2-3 hours.

–          Serve!

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