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Five Thousand Visitors!


I normally don’t do mundane, non-dog-related posts but I have to give a serious thank you to all of my readers and blog visitors.  Thanks to you guys, we’ve made it to 5,000 visitors…well, 5,016 visitors as of this post… in the short while that the blog has really been up and moving with some regularity (or in other words, that I’ve been posting more frequently!).

A lot of the goals I originally started out with for this blog have changed and upgraded.  I’d like to eventually start having contests, reviews and other things.  I always welcome guest authors who’d like to post about subject matter I’ve not had a chance to explore from the working aspect end of things and other bright and wonderful ideas that will grow this blog into a beautiful creation with the help of its readers.

I can’t begin to thank you enough and hope you keep reading and keep sharing.  The dogs and I are glad to have you here now and for the future!