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Cooking With Dogs: Watermelon, Banana Honey Frosty Paws

With my new obsession with Pinterest, I’ve been on a dog treat recipe hunt.  Now, couple that with doggiepopscicles-july2013-8250the extreme heat and I was given the motivation I needed to give a recipe a try – especially since it involved my favorite fruit, watermelon.  When that was coupled with some banana and a touch of honey for some natural sweetness and everything was golden.

The dogs were very pleased when I attempted this recipe and it gave me a chance to play with some of the cute molds I’d found at various places (mostly dollar stores) for these delectable frozen goodies.  The whole cost of making these (and we madedoggiepopscicles-july2013-8251 quite a few!) was about eight dollars and pretty reasonable since I’m a stickler for working on finding mostly locally sourced goods.

I started with my two helpers, Ryker and Luna, supervising and cleaning up the watermelon.  They made sure that if I dropped a piece that it was promptly cleaned…er…eaten up. Once they realized all that was left on the counter was the rinds, they focused on messing with the sticker that had fallen off of the watermelon.  Poor Ryker, of course, had to suffer at my hands and be embarrassed with me sticking it on his muzzle.  (He wasn’t very amused!)

Afterward, we cut up a ripe banana.  There was very little pomp with this and the dogs were less than dogpopscicles-july2013-8416happy when I didn’t “drop” any pieces onto the ground for this item.   (Sorry, guys!  Recipe called for one whole banana.)

After all of that was said and done, I hooked up my blender and put 15 or so chunks of watermelon into it.  I then added the cut up banana and a little bit of honey for some natural sweetener and blended thoroughly.  (I used the “Smoothie” setting on mine.)dogpopscicles-july2013-8426 

Once it was the consistency I wanted, I grabbed my molds and poured the mixture into each of the shaped compartments until I’d filled them up and put them all into the freezer to harden.  It took about two and a half hours until they were frozen solid and ready for pooch (and husband since he stole one!) consumption. 

All in all, it was a major hit at the house and everyone was begging for more (A major thanks to Sugar the Golden Retriever for this awesome idea!).  We’ve got plenty of items left so we’ll probably be repeating this recipe in the near future to keep the pups hydrated and happy in this horridly hot weather we’ve been having. 

Here’s the recipe if you’re interested in doing this at home for your lucky dogs!

Watermelon Banana Honey Popsicle

  • Chunks of Watermelon – Approximately 15 pieces
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 tsp. of Honey
  • Mix all the ingredients in a blender.
  • Pour into an ice cube tray or mold.
  • Freeze it for about 2 hours and then serve!