Records Are Made For Breakin’

This last weight pull weekend was beyond amazing.  The sheer adrenaline that flowed through every spectator as Bart, an 84lb American Bulldog owned by Denise Taranto, smashed the previous record for the rail track we were weight pulling on.  He surpassed the record (12,250lbs – originally set by a wonderful rescue dog named Jake who is owned and loved by his phenomenal handler, Andrew Peabody) by a mere 20lbs but it was still cause for celebration.

We had a rough start for the pull weekend at the NWDA pull in Luna Pier, Michigan (August 31 – September 3) and the dogs all had a hard time getting stuff going.  We pulled well into the night on Friday not leaving until almost 11pm.  Saturday we had two pulls – rails in the morning and wheels in the evening.  It was hot, muggy and the track was a little off because the organizer, Toni, likes to keep it level for the entire playing field.  The conditions greatly improved and the track was leveled once more after a torrential downpour on Saturday evening into Sunday and we repeated the cycle on pulls for Sunday and watched records get broken and the 10,000lb club have two new dogs added to it.

My dogs didn’t pull that well but we haven’t been training or conditioning much over the course of the last few months.  Unfortunately, life got in the way and dog events got put on the back burner.  They, however, surprised me.   My little black princess pulled her personal best of 1,050lbs – 26.92 times her body weight of 39lbs.  I didn’t quiet expect it but she made me incredibly proud and broke her own personal record.

Here are a few photos from the weekend.  The rest can be viewed here.

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