Shelter Dog Saturday: Freckles

tayloranimalcontrol-september2013-3011Name: Freckles

Breed(s): Pit Bull mix

Age: 1-2 years old

Gender: Male

Would ya look at that smile on that goofy face!

Freckles is an amazing bundle of spotty goodness. He is happy-go-lucky and full of get up and go. He would do well in just about any family because he is just an amazingly well-rounded dog (we would have taken him home if we didn’t have six already!) with a phenomenal personality to boot!

Freckles, if you’re interested in dog sports, this guy already has atayloranimalcontrol-september2013-3012 pretty decent start to the basics and would make a fabulous prospect for obedience, agility, weight pull or any other venue you may be interested in. He has the desire to please and an off switch when it’s time to relax and chill out at home. I really can’t say enough good things about him. Unsure of how he is with other dogs and kitties but proper introductions to both should definitely be on the top list of priorities no matter what!

If you’re interested in adopting Freckles, or any of his kennel mates, he is available for adoption through the Taylor Animal Shelter which is located at 25555 Northline Road, Taylor, Michigan. You can contact the shelter by phone at (734) 374-1354 or by clicking the link to the shelter above.

Update October 11, 2013 – Freckles was adopted!

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