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Product Review: Mad Dog Metalworks

mdmtags-december2013-7777Having an ID tag on your dog is one of the most basic and most important aspects of responsible pet ownership.  You can always go to your local chain pet supplier and get one of their generic tags with your name, address and phone number.  It’ll look like every other dog’s on the block.  It’ll still serve its purpose but the question is for how long?  Most mass produced tags don’t have a long lived life and tend to warp or get destroyed fairly quickly (especially with incredibly active dogs!).  I have found, thankfully, that there is a better alternative out there when it comes to both durability and purpose in an ID tag with a fashionable flare through one company – Mad Dog Metalworks.

We ordered our original tags quite some time ago (we’re talking years here) from Mad Dog Metalworks because we wanted a less expensive tag than some of the hand stamped tag makers out there with the same durability and customization options.  We definitely got that and then some when we got our product (which was a little lengthy of a wait due to a MASSIVE sale that was running in tandem when we bought ours).  These tags have held up against a dog562822_10151117470874828_244813446_n who hates tags and likes to chew on them (Mika) and dogs who literally drag them through the mud and muck or running them over objects that would have gouged and damaged lesser tags.

Despite the abuse the original five have put their tags through, they have held up.  They may be a little worse for the wear, have pits and a few gashes in them but they’ve held up and are still legible and gorgeous and they were worth every penny that was spent on them – which is actually only about half of many other tag makers at about $20 for the Rockstar tag which we are featuring in this blog (prices vary for other tags).

So, if you’re looking for some custom bling while doing your part as a responsible pet owner make sure you check out Mad Dog Metalworks on Facebook or at their Etsy store.  Be sure to tell them that the Work-A-Bull crew sent you while you’re at it and check out their other awesome products while you’re there!

Product Review: Paco Collars

chicagotrip-july2013-7399If you’re anything like me, dear reader, you are a “dog stuff” collector.  If it’s out there and useful, it must be had.  This manner of thinking is especially true with the bling that my dogs wear daily.  After all good PR work is even better with a well-dressed dog, right?  Sometimes, though, this can be pickle if you have so many nice things because a certain collar company does sample sales with discounted products on their Facebook page!

I started following Paco Collars many years ago when they initially started in 2002 thanks to their own dog and the namesake of their company, Paco, a rescued pit bull.  (Sadly, Paco passed away in 2009 and is missed by all who knew him.)  Thanks to the recommendations of a friend, I took the plunge and bought one.  That was the beginning to the end when it came to my snobbery of quality collars too!

Paco collars offers fully customized collars – both hand carved and/or blinged out with gems, stones, conchos, studs and spots.  They are made directly in a small, family owned business in Berkeley, California with a dedicated staff of very knowledgeable people to create the collar vision of your dreams.  Along with custom collars they offer an entire line of collars from simple Duo sporting the "Duo" which was named after him.and sophisticated with their Signature Series to more elaborate Xdog if you aren’t comfortable designing your own and any collar can be converted into a martingale for an additional twenty dollars!

Paco doesn’t just make collars either.  They have a whole range of customizable products for dogs, cats and their people.  With harnesses, leashes and kitty collars for the critters and bracelets, belts, key fobs and even coffee cozies for the people, one should never run out of options to choose from.  (And they offer classes across the US if you want to try your hand at collar making too!)

I cannot say enough good things about Paco collars and really can’t say a bad word about them except the fact that they are irresistible and I’m always finding more collars to lust after.  For some folks, they may be a bit spendy (with prices ranging from $30 and up for collars) but for Ryker showing in his Paco Collarquality latigo leather gear, they can’t be beat.

Thankfully, though, I am not alone in my obsession thanks to the Paco Collars Not So Annonymous Facebook page dedicated to those of us who can’t seem to get enough Paco gear.  There you can find gently used Paco and non-Paco gear (for those trying to support their habit of buying another Paco!) for sale as well as a plethora of ideas for a future Paco collar owner.

I hope, if you decide to check out Paco Collars, that you’ll enjoy the quality gear as much as I do and if you do decide to, make sure you punch in “WORKABULL” into the coupon code box to receive 5% off of your entire purchase courtesy of your friends here at Work-A-Bull (and this coupon is good for every purchase because Paco collars are like potato chips and you can’t just have one!).