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Book Review: The Dog Who Spoke with Gods

9780312291525I have searched for a very long time to get my hands on a decently conditioned copy of this book.  Each and every time I managed to come close it seemed to slip through my fingers.   This book was, after all,  a pit bull-related book so I just had to have it. I continued my seemingly fruitless search for it until I stumbled upon a copy for sale in the one location I had never expected to find it – a dog show.  I had finally managed to get my copy!

Diane Jessup, the author,  has been around the online pit bull community for as long as I can remember.   In many cases, it was a love or loathe relationship for many forum goers with a woman who is every bit the bulldog – a tenacious individual who has stuck to her guns be it hell or high water.

Diane and I have butted heads on numerous occasions on numerous online communities over one topic or another.   More often than not, we have had to agree to disagree even if we had accepted the other’s point of view. Overall,  though,  Diane is a very good representative for the breed – even if we rarely see eye to eye.   Her love,  adoration and respect for her beloved bulldogs shines radiantly throughout this entire novel.

The Dog Who Spoke with Gods takes place in the Pacific Northwest.   It showcases the love of a once feral pit bull named Damien who unluckily lands himself in a collegiate animal research laboratory and a young premed student named Elizabeth Fletcher.  Unbeknownst to Elizabeth,  this dog and the bond they form will lead her to question her beliefs that she has kept steadfastly throughout her life as that bond between human and canine grows.

This book and its plot had me on pins and needles throughout the entire 360 pages.  I laughed.  I cried.  I, ultimately,  prayed for the storybook ending that Damien and Elizabeth deserved.   It was well worth the emotional roller coaster I was on for the entire book.  It was well worth the wait to obtain and read this fantastic and emotionally expressive book.  I would highly recommend this book for any dog enthusiast’s collection even if they do not own a pit bull.