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Product Review: Brown Beggers Treats (and Contest!)


The search for quality treats, chewies and toys seems to be a never ending process for a doting dog owner.  It is a task I am very familiar with since I place myself into that category with my five lovely and tenacious terrier brats looking to me to keep them entertained whenever, heaven forbid, boredom should strike.  Thankfully, the good folks over at SitStay.com have come up with just the right solution for entertainment and mental enrichment with their exclusive line of goodies that are aptly named Brown Beggers!brownbeggars-blogreview-september2013-1643

We were one of the lucky few chosen to review these delightful goodies with our canine crew and it made for five very happy dogs when the UPS man showed up at the house with goodies just for them!  This “hard” job turned out to be a lavish vacation that teased their terrier taste buds and gave us humans a pleasant respite from the typical household chaos that always ensues when new goodies came into the picture!  Thankfully, the array of natural goodies we received for the ravenous hoard to test kept them busy for quite some time (and they even allowed me to snap a few photos while they enjoyed their goodies!) – especially while we were at the dog show that weekend!

brownbeggars-blogreview-september2013-1663We were sent the Brown Begger’s Chew Sampler which consists of a plethora of hand selected goodies from their premium, all natural treat bar in the size dedicated for your particular pooch (we selected the large since the pack tends to be rough and tumble with smaller items and received the two bones pictured in this blog) and The 144 – which is 144 inches of awesome jerky treat broken up into three foot pieces and is made of beef or pork.  This delightful treat  can be broken down into smaller pieces (Very easily too!  No fuss or muss there and it wasn’t greasy or gross but it did produce a few crumbles with our mess rescue guy!) for different size dogs to enjoy, use in training, etc.

We, especially the dogs, couldn’t have been happier.  The biggest hit was the meaty bones in thebrownbeggars-blogreview-september2013-1754 Chew Sampler but they were rather thrilled to get everything they could get their naughty little paws on.  We would highly recommend this to both working dog and pet dogs everywhere because of the selection and quality of the products included and the price is quite a steal too!  We will definitely be ordering more in the future (especially for all the doggie family members we have in our circle!).

Now that we’ve told you about how awesome these treats are, how would you like to win your own?  We’re quite sure you would and thanks to the folks over at SitStay.com, we’re able to offer you a chance to win the same goodies we got to try (in your dog’s size!) with the added bonus of a 30% off coupon as well!  How cool is that?!

If you’re interested, head on over to our Facebook page and drop us a comment and photo showing us how much your pups would love to give Brown Beggers a try.  The photo/comment with the most likes (so share and have your friends like our page too!) will earn you and your pup(s) some goodies.

Fine Print: US Residents Only. No P.O. Boxes.  SitStay.com will ship the products direct to the winner who will be contacted within 48 hours of the contest end.  Contest will run from Friday, September 20th until Friday, September 27th.
Siren can't believe her good fortune that she was in the right place and the right time to get to try these goodies with the Work-A-Bull crew!

Siren can’t believe her good fortune that she was in the right place and the right time to get to try these goodies with the Work-A-Bull crew!

This post is sponsored by SitStay.com. I am being compensated to share my thoughts on the Brown Beggers treats, but the opinions expressed on Work-A-Bull.com are my own and I only share information I feel is relevant to my readers.