Happy 6th Birthday, Ryker!

It’s been an amazing six year ride, buddy.  You’ve taken me from birth until now in true pit bull fashion.  Your never say quit attitude has made you a phenomenal weight pull dog, obedience dog and all around companion.

It’s really hard to believe that six years ago at 11:04am, you will officially be a year older.  We’ve faced many trials and tribulations.  Despite the early puppy-hood and adolescent trials and tribulations we faced – constant UTIs, potty training problems, dog/dog reactivity, etc. – you’ve always stuck by my side. A constant companion and a true “Momma’s Boy” – it’s true, everyone says it when they see the adoration in your eyes when I rub your little pointy ears or kiss the very top of your snowy white blaze.

You’ve brought joy not just to my life but to that of many others, despite the hardships you’ve faced in your canine life.  I am blessed with such a dynamic, beautiful dog and I can’t wait for the many years we will spend together.  I love you, my brindlicious brat boy.

From puppyhood…

Until now.  You have my heart.

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