Life With Dogs

Over the years I have been told that I need to get rid of my dogs to benefit my life.  “take them to a shelter” or “sell them” have been the two phrases I’ve heard the most – and the most recent from a co-worker who has a dog and is facing the same work transfer as I am.  Rehome?  Sell?  Give away? What are these terms to a person who is dedicated to a life with dogs?  They’re meaningless drivel that holds no place in my heart, that’s for sure.  I see the aftermath of people who bought into those phrases – like the 15 year old APBT, Big Boy, sitting in a shelter because his owners didn’t want him any more when he should be living a life of ease in his golden years.

The last nine years that I’ve dedicated my time, energy and money to my dogs – and the many years prior to rescuing and saving those who could not help themselves – I have received unlimited and unbridled love and loyalty.  They have never looked upon me and said cruel words.  They have never cared what I looked like and have never passed judgment on any stranger they met – those were always new friends they just hadn’t met.  I’ve been blessed with countless hours, days, minutes and years of pure emotion and adoration.  I wouldn’t change any of this for the world.

If I added up the countless hours and dollars I’ve spent chasing the dreams I had with my loyal, hard-working dogs I could probably be living a life of ease in a nice home free of dog hair, nose art, slobber and other canine delights.  Would I?  Absolutely not!  While I may not be living this proverbial life of ease I have my wonderful companions.  They don’t care if I have the newest iPhone or wear clothing from a thrift store, Walmart or Macy’s.  As long as there is food in their bowl, a place on my bed and a place in my heart they are content.

My life has gone to the dogs and I’m loving every minute of it.

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